Monday, March 19, 2007

spring break blogging!

Dear faithful reader(s),

I'm writing from Brooklyn, where I'm staying with two of my most favorite people in the whole world, and one of the bestest dogs ever. Aaaaand hanging out with another favorite person! This morning I wandered up the street to get a bagel with lox (oh dear God I wish you could get bagels like this in Chicago) and a latte (soon to be 2 lattes...) to do some work (yes, even though it's spring break), use some wireless (free! I love Brooklyn.), and scope out a couple of destinations for my afternoon. I think I'll wander up Atlantic to find this enclave of Middle Eastern stores, including this one - Sahadi's!, and possibly visit this yarn store - Brooklyn General, although Brooklyn General is kind of far off my path, so if I'm short on time I probably won't make it. Although I do love yarn (as anyone who has ever seen my bedroom can attest) this won't break my heart. I have more than enough, and I can always use some fine Middle Eastern coffee a little bit readily.

Tomorrow will be my first foray into Manhattan, where I'll hopefully visit Purl Soho (ahem, more yarn), and probably wander aimlessly around Soho some, check out the Museum of Arts and Design (where this is an exhibit called Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting!!!!!!), and eventually meet an old college prof that I haven't seen in four or five years.

I miss Chicago and some people (and a dog) in Chicago, but DAMN I love New York.

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