Thursday, December 7, 2006

Hello world!

I'm leaving that generic wordpress subject line there for my first post. I think it's hilarious. And actually it's December 2nd. The day I tried to start this blog is whatever date about a month ago is listed above. I can't figure out how to change it. Sue me.

So I've tried to start blogs many times before, but I have trouble with it. The thing is, I write a LOT. I write a lot of pointless emails, I run my mouth (sans filter most of the time) pretty much all day, but I have trouble committing. I also have a problem with internet monogamy. And plus, I take terrible pictures. I mean really bad. The kind people on other blogs make fun of and complain about. I can never get things properly lit, they are somehow always blurry, I own what must be the first digital camera ever made (still works great, though, although it doesn't have much in the way of storage space), and even when I take the picture and I think it looks great, I put it on my computer and notice that it's horribly crooked and I've cut out half of someone's face or something. So bear with me on the pictures. Oh also, it's Chicago in winter. There isn't much natural light in my apartment. Also, there aren't many spots where I can take a picture of something/someone without getting a cardboard box, a pile of discarded beer bottles, or something else along those lines in the background... "Here's my knitting! Here's some delicious food I made! Here's my roommate! Oh, what's that in the background you say? Just some vagrant we picked up off the street who is sleeping and vomiting all over the couch! Don't mind him!!!"

Oh well. What can I do. This morning I downloaded Picasa, along with the whole damn Google desktop, and so far I'm a fan. That google software is pretty great. I like the idea that I can click one button in Picasa and my pictures won't look quite so retarded.

To conclude, here are two pictures of some apple streusel I made this morning from a mix in a box. Note the cardboard box in the background. And that the streusel is sitting on a chair. I really wanted to eat that streusel, so I had to figure out where to take that picture FAST. Also, I loooove baking things in a cast iron pan. They just look so ADORABLE!
my streusel!

streusel again

edit: Screw you, google! Why am I inexplicably "forbidden" from your web-based photo album thing! I blogged about how much I love your software!!! FINE! I'll use flickr like everyone else in the free world. But I wanted to use YOU, google, because you put that handy little button in Picasa to put my pictures directly into my google web album with one click! Why, google, WHY!!!!

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